The Story

as told by billy (in case you couldn't tell 😉) 

In 2009, Bethanie was lucky enough to land Billy as her house photographer for a Gallery event that she organized during Art Basel Miami Beach, an annual art fair.  Both, however, were dating others at the time so along they their empty lives.  Until...

Exactly one year later, during Art Basel Miami Beach, Bethanie would yet again hire the dashing Billy to photograph the event she was throwing.  This was slightly better timing, as Billy was newly single and insisted that they go for post-event drinks at the Deuce.  This was the beginning of Billy chasing Bethanie...

quite literally. 

Over the holiday break, B & B began texting (a true 21st Century courtship).  A mutual challenge was put forth to begin "training for a destination half marathon" together.  They would meet up to train several times a week and not realizing that it was uncharacteristic for Billy, as a nightlife photographer, to be meeting her at the track on a regular basis, BETHANIE SIMPLY (and Naively) SAW BILLY AS HER "RUNNING BUDDY".  Over a post-run drink a few months into training, an exasperated Billy, annoyed that Bethanie wasn't "getting it",  made his motive known (his exact words may have been something along the lines of "Do I look like a F#$%@!G runner to you?!?"), followed by a very sweet and humble Valentine's gesture delivered to her office the next morning ("Emergen-C for your body, daffodils for your heart :)").

This created a bit of an awkward situation, as Bethanie was seeing other people and had enjoyed the uncomplicated nature of Billy's friendship. 

But still they ran.

Believe it or not, bearish Billy put up quite the performance at the track and after a certain amount of training, he would intentionally lag behind to gain a more inspiring vantage point, with the added value of "giving her the lead." 

For another month or so, Bethanie continued to let Billy chase her. It wasn't until he began to grow tired of the fruitless chase that Bethanie finally realized she, too, wanted more than just a "running buddy".  extending her own gesture, she planned special surprise Birthday outing for Billy, sparking the journey to becoming a couple. 

Given their professional ties, Bethanie was intent on keeping their relationship under wraps ... until their cover was blown on a business trip to Istanbul, at which point Bethanie says she started to realize that Billy may be "the one".    

Well, by then it was June...and the half marathon was finally upon them.  They flew to San Diego, continued their last few days of training,  and with the countdown at about T -5 hours before the race, what'dya know!...Bethanie came down with the stomach flu and couldn't run the race!  she was heartbroken, and Billy had to run it alone. Soon after, he came down with the same bug and their first vacation together was spent in bed with his and her bedside trash cans. Very romantic.  

Fast-forward to three short years later on a family vacation in vermont, just after they decided (upon Bethanie's suggestion) that they would never get married, but rather be "Boyfriend & Girlfriend forever".   Billy persuaded bethanie to go with him for a quick sunset kyak in front of camp elmo before dinner. they paddled out to the nearest island, took in the sights, enjoyed a beer,  and on the way back in as they approached the docks, billy capsized. on purpose. 

he pretended to be hurt in a ploy to get her to paddle closer to him and As she cautiously inched closer, thinking that his plan was to bring her in too,  Billy grabbed her hand and right there in the middle of lake champlain with friends and family on shore, he asked her to be his girlfriend forever. 


And, the rest is yet to be written!